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The British Invasion: The Music- the Times- the Era (Hardcover)
In 1964- North America had a second revolution—but this time we welcomed the British! That year- four mop-tops known as The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show- ushering in a new era of British music- film- fashion- and art. This richly illustrated and informative volume celebrates the pivotal cultural moment when the United States took on a British accent. ****The huge influx of talent from across the pond included not only the The Beatles- but also The Dave Clark Five- The Kinks- The Moody Blues- Them (and Van Morrison)- The Yardbirds- The Who- and- of course- The Rolling Stones. But the invasion wasn’t only musical: Peter O’Toole- Julie Andrews- Sean Connery- and Michael Caine made a splash in Hollywood- while films like Goldfinger- Alfie- and What’s New- Pussycat? topped box-office charts. The Avengers became cult TV- and Carnaby Street defined hip style- turning Mary Quant- Twiggy- and Jean Shrimpton into fashion icons.****Filled with photographs that capture one of the most exciting artistic periods in recent history- this is an evocative- irresistible look back.****About the Author**Barry Miles was a central figure in the development of the hippie movement in the UK. He has written biographies of Paul McCartney- William Burroughs- Jack Kerouac- Frank Zappa- Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg- as well as books about John Lennon- The Beatles- The Clash and Pink Floyd. ***** Hardcover: 304 pages
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